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At Butterfly Studio we provide additional treatments & therapies to help your body recover the daily struggles as well as post illness treatments such as lymphatic drainage.

Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is a high energy, low impact mix of Ballet Fitness, Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training to improve your fitness and posture and increase flexibility.

YOGA 4 Kids

Fun filled classes with lots of inspirational yoga poses (asanas) aimed to introduce children to yoga in the hope they are inspired to make it part of their lives. Mindfulness, so important in today’s busy world is an important element as are listening, co-operation and collaboration.

Sports Massage

Sports massage has the potential with regular use to help the sports person sustain high levels of performance without getting injured. It is used to increase removal of lactic acid after heavy periods of training, or those long runs, thus decreasing DOMS.

A good Therapist can pick up tense and problem areas in the tissue before they become problematic and can help identify the possibility of a training fault.

Early treatment can prevent this becoming an injury.

Butterfly Studios

Vinyasa Yoga

A flow in Vinyasa is like a dance, linking each physical movement with the breath and finding flow in every pose and transition. Classes may be dynamic and focus on strengthening postures, or it may be a slower flow with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility in the spine or the hips.

Vinyasa has both physical and mental benefits. Physically, sweat releases toxins and re-energizes our bodies. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes the chatter of the mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout our bodies.

Lymph Flow Class

A gentle class combinging stretching and strengthening to stimulate movement in your lymphatic system. Movements are taken from Yoga, Barre, dance somatics and Manual Lymphatice Drainage and are combined to exercise segments set to music. The class can be taken standing or seated.

This class is ideally suited to mixed levels of fitness and everyone can work to his or her own ability. This class is also aimed at post-surgical rehabilitation, such as breast cancer or prostate cancer, to help improve lymphatic flow and help with lymphoedema management. Those with chronic illnesses may also benefit, as may post-natal women, where lymph flow can be inhibited through scar tissue and trauma.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

As MLD helps to maintain a healthy environment around our cells, reduces swelling (oedema) and increases our immune system health. Lymphatic drainage can be a beneficial treatment for almost any health condition that you suffer from, unless another certain health condition is present. 

For a full list of what MLD can treat please visit the following link

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